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Red and near infrared light in the 630 to 880nm wavelength supports mitochondrial health (the powerhouse of the cells), and thus has many applications. Simply exposing the body to the light for 3 to 10 minutes per day (6 to 12 inches from the body) is all that is needed.

Complete Health is proud to be an affiliate of Mito Red Light. The company is family owned and based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The quality is superb, and this particular light is more cost effective and objectively more potent than competitors.

There are several versions and price ranges available (the most popular is the Mitopro 300 at $329), and you can find them by clicking here. Use code COMPLETEHEALTH at checkout for a 5% discount!

Here is a link to a study about how red light lowers inflammation, including acute inflammation.

Here is a link to thousands of research studies on the benefits of red light.

Here is a study about red light supporting Dental Bone:

Red light may be beneficial for neuropathy.

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