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Virtual Consultations

Nutritional/Wellness Consultations Using Zoom or Phone

If you don't want to have to drive into our office, or you have family members who don't live in the area but would like a consultation, we can set up a virtual consultation for you.  All that you would need to do is to get us a copy of simple blood work that is typically already done by your primary care practitioner, and that is a CBC (complete blood count) with differential, and ideally a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel).  You can also choose to get these tests yourself for around $69 at  While your primary care practitioner uses those tests to diagnose disease, they can also give valuable information about pre-disease imbalances if you "fine-tune" the "normal" ranges.

An empowering example:  Within a CBC (complete blood count) is your WBC (white blood cell count), with a typical range of 3.4-10.8.  Large studies going back decades show that a WBC above 6 and especially 8, even within the normal range, is correlated with a shorter life-span (all cause mortality and particularly cardiovascular mortality).  Why?  Most likely because a higher WBC is correlated to inflammation and infection.
Reference:  White blood cell count and mortality in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging - PubMed (

Another great example:  Total blood Protein:  General patients admitted to a hospital who have lower blood protein have a significantly higher mortality rate, whether they have cancer or not.

Reference:  Low Serum Total Protein at Admission Predicts in-Hospital Mortality Among General Inpatients: Historical Cohort Study - PMC (

Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio (calculated from a CBC with Diff) " is a cheap and easy-to-obtain biomarker that mirrors the balance between two aspects of the immune process: (1) acute and chronic inflammation and (2) adaptive immunity. Even if, still, no fixed cut-off values are available, changes in NLR over time are a sign of immune system derangement".

Reference:  Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio: An Emerging Marker of the Relationships between the Immune System and Diseases - PMC (

There is a surprising amount of information from these cost-effective basic blood tests that can inform lifestyle changes, diet optimization, supplement optimization, and shed light on possible underlying causes of common symptoms (fatigue, gut health, immune imbalances, chronic pain, autoimmunity, etc.).

A great article on the subject

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