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If you believe, as we do, that environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate, solvents, plastics, etc., are a root cause of many chronic health conditions, then you should be interested in how to both reduce exposure and to increase the body's ability to detoxify itself.  Exposure to toxins negatively impacts cellular energy production (mitochondrial function), and increases oxidative stress, one of the main hallmarks of all chronic diseases.

A few ways to significantly reduce toxin exposure:
1)Filter your drinking water (must remove arsenic).  I recommend Clearly Filtered water filtration.
2)Consider buying organic food to
reduce pesticide and herbicide exposure.

I believe the safest and most effective way to support healthy detoxification is zeolite (Pure Body Extra), which you can purchase here:

The Good Inside at Touchstone Essentials 

Beets are uniquely beneficial for two reasons:

1)They support bile production and flow.
2)They bind to bile acids in the gut, preventing excessive reabsorption of toxic bile.


Other ways to support the body's ability to detoxify:
Increase dietary fiber intake.  Dietary fiber supports detoxification through improving the microbiome and through increasing bile acid excretion.

Support Nrf2 and Glutathione production, thus supporting mitochondrial function (cellular energy production):

1)Glycine with NAC (n-acetyl cysteine)
2)Sulforaphane (naturally occurs in broccoli, especially broccoli sprouts).  The best Sulforaphane product is Brocelite.

Evidence for the benefit of Glycine with NAC:

Can you measure toxicity?  It is difficult, but analyzing liver enzymes, even in the normal range, can give some indication (GGT and ALT in particular).  Here is a free useful tool to help with assessing potential toxic burden, including how to use common blood tests:


More useful links:

"Environmental Determinants of Chronic Disease and Medical Approaches:  Recognition, Avoidance, Supportive Therapy, Detoxification"


"Thoughts on a Unified Theory of Disease"


Here is a link for useful education about Nrf2 and Detoxification:


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