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If you and your primary care provider and/or gastroenterologist have agreed that you need to reduce your reliance on antacids (especially PPI's or proton pump inhibitors), here are some supportive items that you can discuss with them:

Published in the British Medical Journal, a study found that curcumin was as effective as PPI's for indigestion:

Natural compound in turmeric may be as effective as omeprazole for treating indigestion (

David Kiefer, MD, and David Rakel, MD, discuss using DGL to help reduce the reliance on antacids:

Integrative strategies to come off a PPI - UW Family Medicine (

Exercises that can help with the lower esophageal sphincter:
The BEST Acid Reflux Treatment Exercise for HEARTBURN | Gastroenterology & PHYSIO Guided - YouTube

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