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At Complete Health, our passion and expertise includes guidance on the potential benefits of dietary supplements.  Curcumin deserves a special mention due to its ability to lower inflammation and impact on so many areas of the body, including cognitive/brain, immune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal/joint, liver, and gut.  Bioavailability matters and varies greatly among curcumin supplements, and then perhaps just as important is looking at human studies reflecting improvement in specific health outcomes.

Here is study published in December, 2021, reflecting potential benefit for stopping the progression of Alzheimer's:

"Conclusion: Theracurmin seems to be a therapeutic option for elderly patients with AD and MCI via providing stabilization of the disease course by preventing progressive loss in cognitive functions and ADLs."

Note:  The same manufacturer of Theracurmin now produces a higher bioavailability version of curcumin called CurcuRouge (Curalieve):

Futher, a recently published study shows improvement in the very broad marker of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio:

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