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VieLight or Qi-Light Intranasal Red Light Therapy

Available at Complete Health for $299

"Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms. The chronic deficiency of such light is, I think, the best explanation for the deterioration which occurs with aging." —Raymond Peat, PhD

As you may know, I'm a huge proponent of the use of red light to support health. Red light (visible red light) in the spectrum of 600-700nm wavelength is extensively studied, and has been shown to increase the production of the cytochrome oxidase enzyme. This enzyme is pivotal for healthy respiration at the cellular (mitochondrial) level, and thus anything that supports it may have applications for neurological, immune, and circulatory health. Extensive studies have been done reflecting the benefit of red light including at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There are no negatives or side-effects of LED red light therapy, particularly when using devices such as the VieLight.

I've been searching a long time for a cost-effective way to get the benefits of red light, and I believe I've found it in the VieLight Intranasal device. To read one of the most comprehensive newsletters on the benefits of Intranasal red light specifically relating to the VieLight, you can read Dr. Robert Rowen's newsletter here:

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby's article on the VieLight can be found here:

How does the VieLight work? You simply place the applicator in one of your nostrils, and the red LED floods the capillary-rich nasal cavity with photons (light particles). The device has a timer which automatically shuts off after 25 minutes. The suggested time frame for use is once or twice per day.

The main websites for information about the VieLight:

Articles on Intranasal Red Light therapy:

Disclaimer: The VieLight does not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease. Keep in mind that nothing on this site has been evaluated by any regulatory agency.

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