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NLS Biofeedback

What is NLS Biofeedback? NLS Biofeedback is a computerized method of analyzing brain waves and correlating wave patterns to stress in the body.

What does the NLS Biofeedback device do? It analyzes information from the brain using sensors (inductors) placed on the head. It does this by registering changes in brain-waves in response to subtle frequencies. Data received is fed back to computer hardware and software, and then translated into graphical data-points that suggest stressed areas of the body. The information can then be used by qualified practitioners to educate clients in a proactive way.

NLS biofeedback is a completely non-invasive stress-assessment tool.

Disclaimer:  NLS biofeedback device does not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease. As a biofeedback device, it's purpose is education, stress detection and stress reduction.

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