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The Gut Microbiome and Artery Hardening

Gut health is paramount to good health.  Imbalances in the gut microbiome have been correlated with immune dysfunction, brain dysfunction, diabetes, and increased risk of autoimmunity.  It appears that we can add to that list cardiovascular disease.  New research at the University of Nottingham suggests that lower diversity of gut bacteria correlates with hardening of the arteries.  How do we create more diversity in our microbiome?  According to most of the research on the microbiome, one key is having a very diverse diet.  Another is avoiding antibiotics, which of course is sometimes unavoidable.  The probiotic world is constantly changing, but there is increasing evidence that soil-based probiotics may be the most effective since they are the best at withstanding hydrochloric acid in the stomach and they tend to colonize the intestines for a longer period of time.  More information about soil-based probiotics can be found at

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