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Low Progesterone Caused by Leaky Gut?

I try very hard to address underlying causes of common health issues.  It's not easy, because of course the human body is an extremely complex, dynamic system.  There are so many factors that influence our body's ability to maintain itself on a daily basis.  Even so, we have to try, and I believe there are some things that are much more common as causal factors than others.  One of those things, in my opinion, is a substance called endotoxin, which is an internally generated toxin in our guts that results from the break down of bacteria.  This toxin is associated with "leakiness" in our intestinal wall.  Bacterial overgrowth, micro-flora imbalance, and even lack of bile flow all contribute to high levels of endotoxin.  The flora imbalance and bacterial overgrowth can results from high starch diets, antibiotic and steroid medications, pesticides in foods, and more.  I would argue that a very high percentage of the population has elevated levels of endotoxin and therefore "leaky gut".  Having said that, how many of you would think of a leaky gut/high endotoxin as a cause of low progesterone?  A new study published in the prestigious Gynecological Endocrinology (December 24, 2014) suggests that bacterial endotoxin causes inflammation in the ovary and then low progesterone.  This is a small study, but it is a human study, and the authors point out that there is substantial research previously, done with animals, showing a correlation as well.  So, one thing you might consider if you find out that you have low levels of progesterone is that the underlying cause may well be found in your gut.
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