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It's All About the Mitochondria

Since most chronic diseases can be traced back to mitochondrial dysfunction in the cells of the body, it is easy to see why supporting the mitochondria has very broad implications and applications.  What I believe is a huge breakthrough in supporting mitochondrial function has occurred, and we can thank Harvard Medical Professor of Genetics, David Sinclair, for the breakthrough.  What he discovered is that one of the key causes of mitochondrial dysfunction is the reduction in a molecule called NAD.  This molecule is involved in communication between the mitochondria and nucleus of cells.  As a result, lower NAD levels are associated with inflammation, cancer, and aging.  Professor Sinclair also discovered how to increase NAD levels, and it appears the best substance to do that is a patented form of niacin (vitamin B3) and ribose, called Niagen.  The product is available over-the-counter and also as Niacel from a professional-line supplement company called Thorne Research.
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