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Vitamin E Deficiency and Miscarriage

A number of mentors that I've had over the years felt that there was a connection between vitamin E deficiency and miscarriage risk, and it turns out they were most likely right.  New research ad Johns Hopkins showed that women with low vitamin E had double the risk of miscarriage compared to those with normal levels.  There are many possible risk factors for miscarriage, and those can include low progesterone, "sticky" blood, hypothyroidism, and others.  We can now perhaps add vitamin E deficiency to that list.  Increasing dietary intake of vitamin E might then be a consideration for anyone who has had or who may be at risk of miscarriage.  Some good dietary sources of vitamin E include eggs (the yolks), olive oil, nuts, and greens.  Also keep in mind that vitamin E may get "used up" because of overconsumption of processed vegetable oils (soybean and corn oil for example), as it reduces the oxidative stress that they cause.
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