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Cold Sore Virus (HSV1) and Alzheimer's, More Data

To add to previous data correlating the cold sore virus to Alzheimer's, two large epidemiological studies (1,2) confirm a relationship.  In the one study, those with reactivated infection doubled the risk of developing the disease.  The second study also showed a roughly doubled risk of developing Alzheimer's if one was simply a carrier of the virus.  So we can now say that there is strong evidence linking that virus to Alzheimer's risk.  Since it is a virus, the best way to try to lower it's effects would probably be to optimize immune function.  In my view, Beta Glucan is one of the most studied substances for doing so.  In this study, Professor Vetvicka, a pathologist and immunologist at the University of Kentucky, extensively tested Beta Glucan products and compared their effects on the immune system.  There is a huge variance in efficacy of such products. 
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