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Artificial Sweeteners, Metabolic Syndrome, and Gut Bacteria

I love this research that was just published in the journal Nature (September 17, 2014) which shows a few important things.  First, it shows that artificial sweeteners appear to cause metabolic syndrome (elevated glucose, weight gain, negative lipid changes).  Second, it shows that they most likely do that by negatively impacting the microbial balance in the gut.  And tied to that, it reinforces the fact that negatively impacting the microbial balance in the gut may be the primary cause of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  What, then, are a few basic things that might help support balance in our gut microbiome?  Based on the above, avoiding artificial sweeteners is a new consideration.  Second, consider minimizing antibiotic exposure.  Third, minimizing starchy foods may help by not supporting bacterial overgrowth. 
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