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Low Vitamin D: Consequence Rather Than Cause?

I think everyone can agree that low vitamin D levels are not a good thing.  However, some scientists believe that vitamin D levels decline in response to chronic inflammation and infection.  There is recent research which shows specifically that lowering infection (using "immunotherapy"), which subsequently lowers inflammation, normalizes vitamin D levels.  I think this is absolutely fascinating, and certainly if this is the case, lowering infection is getting more at the cause, rather than necessarily supplementing vitamin D.  I don't think this means we should stop taking vitamin D, but perhaps the focus should shift to lowering infections, either by supporting the immune system or by taking anti-microbials.  Even more to the cause might be removing the things that suppress immunity and lead to infection in the first place.  Those things include environmental toxins (perhaps especially heavy metals), radiation, stress, and a highly processed diet.
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