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"Bioelectronic Medicine"

Ultimately, the brain and nervous system in our body control our organs.  They help us maintain homeostasis (a constant internal environment) through complex feedback mechanisms and communication with our organs.  So a case could be made that disease starts in the brain/nervous system.  A case could also be made that supporting the immune system could start with influencing the nervous system.  Several years I wrote about a new pathway that was discovered between the spleen and nervous system, in which scientists discovered that stimulating the vagus nerve could have a normalizing effect on the spleen.  A recent publication discusses this relationship between the nervous system and the immune system, and also suggests a crucial role for the vagus nerve (parasympathetic branch).  Furthermore, these discoveries have created an interest in "bioelectronic medicine" in which there is a "therapeutic delivery of electrical impulses that activate nerves to regulate immune system function" (Neural Control of the Immune System, Advances in Physiology Education, June 2014).  Perhaps this the future of medicine.
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