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The Gut and Immune System: A Two Way Street

A new study published in Immunity, May 2014, shows that the immune system itself plays a huge role in maintaining microbial balance in the gut.  Most of the research previously has focused on how imbalances in the gut environment have an impact the immune system, and while they do, this new research basically shows that supporting the immune system itself can potentially improve the gut environment (the balance of microbes in particular).  One of the more impressive ways I've seen, as of late, to support the immune system is with Beta Glucan.  Beta Glucan has been studied for 40 years and has an immune-modulating effect while supporting all aspects of immune function (amount of immune cells and quality of immune cells).  The most impressive research I've seen is that done by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, a professor at the Department of Pathology at the University of Kentucky.  His website is  From a lifestyle perspective, getting sunlight, minimizing stress, getting adequate sleep, avoiding environmental toxins and eating a nutrient-dense diet goes a long way toward supporting the immune system. 
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