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Arsenic and Diabetes

Diabetes is a huge problem and one causal factor that evidence is mounting for is arsenic, even low-level exposure (far from what would be considered poisoning).  The bulk of animal and human studies find a correlation, and the mechanism appears to be more that arsenic affects the cells of the pancreas rather than causing insulin resistance.  How arsenic causes diabetes may relate to how it produces inflammation, oxidative stress, damages the beta cells of the pancreas, or has epigenetic influences (causes expression of genes that may relate to diabetes development).  So, where do you get arsenic?  For most people, the source is drinking water.  As I understand it, filtration other than reverse osmosis does not remove arsenic, so if you are using anything other than that, you are probably being exposed to it.  I tend to refer to an expert ecologist named James McMahon (  Jim has a specific page for what bottled water he recommends here.  A discussion specifically about arsenic removal is found here.
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