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Gulf War Syndrome: Mitochondrial Issue

The mitochondria of our cells are what produce energy, so they are perhaps the most valuable part of all cells.  Mitochondrial dysfunction is suggested to be a root mechanism underlying all cancers according to Otto Warburg, and that was discovered around 1930.  Brand new research surrounding "Gulf War Illness", which is a set of symptoms experienced by many Gulf War Veterans, suggests mitochondrial dysfunction as the cause.  The symptoms overlap with many other conditions, and include fatigue, cognitive/brain dysfunction, muscle problems and exercise intolerance.  The fact that those same symptoms are often found in those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Lyme Disease suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction is widespread.  So what causes mitochondrial dysfunction?  Some of the most common factors are thought to be ionizing radiation, toxins (such as heavy metals), and stress, and one strong dietary component may be processed vegetable oils.  How does one support their mitochondria?  By trying to avoid sources of mitochondrial stress and one novel approach is the use of red light.
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