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Saturated Fat Vindicated?

A journal article just published in Open Heart reflects the opinion of a leading US cardiovascular research scientist which is essentially that saturated fat is not the cause of heart disease.  Not only that, the increase in refined carbohydrates and vegetables oils is more likely to blame for the increase in cardiovascular disease as well as metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  According to the author, the misunderstanding about saturated fat started back in the 1950's, which resulted from faulty data correlating saturated fat intake to heart disease risk.  I believe the research he's talking about is that of Ancel Keys, who appears to have ignored data from 16 countries showing no correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease, and instead focused on 6 countries that appeared to show a correlation.  That misinformation has permeated the field of dietetics as it relates to cardiovascular risk.  One glaring example of saturated fat not correlating to heart disease risk is coconut oil, which has been shown to improve HDL while not increasing risk.  There is something unique about coconut oil, and that is the MCT's (medium chain triglycerides), which are fatty acids used rapidly and easily by the cells for energy. 
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