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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is another way of saying "present moment awareness".  It is a method that involves consciously keeping our attention focused on the present moment.  We can do that, for example, by focusing on our breathing, or focusing on a place in our body, among other methods.  Another way of increasing "present moment awareness" is being fully engaged in whatever it is that we're doing, even things as mundane as brushing our teeth.

Research is showing that mindfulness is a powerfully effective method for reducing the effects of stress.  Focusing on the future or the past, while sometimes necessary (especially the future), can induce anxiety and increase the production of stress hormones.  While there are many possible causes and triggers for anxiety, one method that anyone can do to help reduce it, and lower the effects of stress, is practicing mindfulness.  For a short article that describes more specifically how to practice mindfulness, simply click here.
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