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Zeolite (cliniptilolite) As A Detoxifier

Getting toxins out of the body may be one of the most important things anyone can do to promote their health and potentially prevent disease.  So many different toxins have been correlated to disease, and among the worst offenders are heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.  Metals and other toxins tend to accumulate over time, and in most cases "settle" into various tissues which might include the brain, bones, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and even the heart.  Toxins such as cadmium can accumulate in the lungs and breast, increasing disease risk directly.  To educate people about this issue, I often tend to mention groups such as the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (, whose website allows you to look at specific studies correlating environmental toxins to diseases (the toxicant and disease database).  Besides educating yourself about the sources of environmental toxins, there are things that can be taken to help the body excrete toxins.  One such substance is Zeolite (cliniptilolite), which is a clay that uses "cation exchange" to bind toxins without removing essential minerals from the body.  I came across an impressive human study done by researchers (including one from UCLA) supporting the clinical use of Zeolite to enhance the excretion of metals from the body.  As previous studies show, the metals are safely excreted through the urine and the peak excretion occurred after only 4 days of taking Zeolite.  You can view the study by clicking here.
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