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Got Headaches? Stop Chewing Gum

Once in a while, there may be a simple solution for an apparently complex health issue.  Such may be the case with migraine and other headaches, which, for some, may be caused by simply chewing gum.  A very recent small study looked at whether stopping chewing of gum would make a difference in the frequency of headaches, and did it ever.  Out of 30 people in the study, 26 had significant improvement and 19 achieved complete resolution of their headaches.  Just to be sure that chewing gum was the cause, the author had 26 of the 30 people start chewing gum again after their headaches stopped, and all of them had symptoms return.  Apparently other studies have also shown a correlation with gum chewing and headaches, and the cause was thought to possibly be artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.  The author of this recent study is of the opinion that it is more likely a TMJ issue (a problem with the jaw-joint).  The bottom line:  If you have headaches and you're a gum chewer, stop chewing gum and you'll know whether that is causing your headaches. 
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