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More Evidence That Even Low Lead Levels Are A Problem

Very recent research confirmed previous research which showed that even low levels of lead (below 10 in the blood, which has long been considered to be "normal") cause health problems.  So, on the positive end, the government has now changed the acceptable level in the blood from 10 to 5.  However, the recent research has now shown that even levels below 5 in the blood cause health problems.  So, essentially, no level in the blood is safe (other than 0).  The study I'm talking about is a government study done with help from Johns Hopkin's School of Public Health.  The areas of the body that appear to be most impacted by lead (even levels below 5) include the kidneys, brain, and cardiovascular system.  Lead also accumulates in the bones.  If you think lead isn't in your environment since it is no longer added to paint or gasoline, you'll be shocked to find out the many current sources of lead exposure.  Those include water, lipstick, ceramic, electrical cords, canvas bags, purses, chocolate, toys, and more.
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