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Stress Resiliance

I just watched an excellent video on how to "make stress your friend".  It's a Ted Talk by health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal.  The points that I got out of it were, for one, the idea that stress isn't bad, and in fact if we believe it can be good, it may not affect us negatively at all.  It's better to view stress (or the reaction to stress) as having a purpose, and that we are capable of rising to the occasion and perhaps even thriving under stress.  The purpose of the stress response, and the various hormones that are secreted, is the increase ability to handle situations that life presents.  Certainly life can demand a lot, but our bodies were designed to handle it.  Back to her main point (my interpretation):  It would be ideal to view stress as a good thing.  It reminds me of something a wise person told me many years ago, and that was to react to stressful life situations as if I had chosen them, as if I welcomed them, and also that there is a greater purpose to those situations (the most obvious purpose would be an opportunity to grow as a person).  Stressful situations also present opportunities to help others and connect with others.  In fact, there are benefits both to the giver and receiver of compassion in times of need.  So, going forward, when stress presents itself, the more we accept it, almost embrace it, channel courage and believe there is purpose to it and opportunity in it, the less it will affect us.
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