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The Liver, Brain, and Belly Fat

A fascinating new study discussed in Scientific American this month showed that a protein used by the liver and brain ends up in short supply when the liver has to work harder to process belly fat.  The consequence is that the brain (specifically the memory center or hippocampus) is negatively impacted by this protein deficiency and therefore memory and brain function are affected.  Consequently, one suggested measure is keeping belly fat low, and of course diet and exercise should be the first considerations.  Evidence suggests that high starch diets may be linked to a fatty liver, so it would follow that starch restriction would not only help reduce insulin resistance, but may reduce fat-buildup in the liver.  Based on this study linking the liver, belly fat, and the brain, I would venture to suggest that supporting the liver may help support brain function, and it turns out that there is ample evidence that the liver and brain are intimately connected and that poor liver function has a negative impact on the nervous system and brain.  How can you support healthy liver function?  Consume enough protein, minimize medication intake when possible, limit alcohol intake, reduce environmental toxin exposure, and consider natural substances that support liver function such as the herb milk thistle (talk to a health professional before taking herbal medicines, especially if you are on medication). 
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