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Cold and Flu Preparation

Fall and Winter are approaching, so it's a good time to think about what you might do to help prevent infections and also what kinds of natural remedies might be useful particularly at the onset of infection.  The first thing to consider is vitamin D.  A recent study published in June of 2013 reflects the fact that low vitamin D levels are associated with increased risk of respiratory tract infection, and that vitamin D has a protective effect against respiratory tract infection.  This study is both a systematic review and a meta-analysis, so it is looking at multiple studies.  For dosage recommendations, consider talking with your doctor and going to 

One of the most studied natural remedies to help with respiratory and upper respiratory tract infections is a plant extract called EPS 7630, sold as "V Clear" in the US.  It has been shown to help with the flu, bronchitis, and the common cold, and is safe for children and adults.  
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