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Arnica for Sports Injuries

A wonderful long-term client suggested that I author a blog post talking about what natural remedies might be useful for sports injuries.  My kids play soccer, as I did, and so there is always the risk of injury, and I think the biggest concern is concussion.  In my younger years playing soccer, I never had a concussion (as far as I know), but I did fracture a bone in my foot, and I wish I had known about homeopathic Arnica at the time.  Rather than reinvent the wheel in this case, I'm going to reference an excellent blog article from the Huffington Post by a practicing physician who recommends Arnica and gives guidelines on it's use.  Homeopathic arnica is widely available at healthfood stores and pharmacies in pellet form and also in topical products like Topricin (which we use and recommend). 
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