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Dairy Consumption and Bone Health

If you cannot have dairy due to lactose intolerance or allergy, go ahead and stop reading here, because I'm about to sing the praises of dairy consumption.  On the other hand, if you do keep reading, keep in mind that you may be able to tolerate dairy after all.  For example, studies suggest that "controlled consumption" can help the body build up a tolerance to lactose over time.  In other words, it appears possible for some people to overcome lactose intolerance.  As far as dairy allergy, there are studies looking at food allergy in general, and some possible causal factors include parasites, gut permeability, and pesticide exposure, among other things.  In other words, it may be possible to address underlying causes of dairy allergy, and for some that might lead to a new-found ability to tolerate dairy.  I'm emphasizing the word "may" because it would be impossible to claim that as an absolute for anyone.  I'm just suggesting that we always try to look for a cause and, if possible, address it.  So, on to praising dairy.  Another blogger, Chris Kresser, did an excellent job of writing about the benefits of dairy consumption for bone health, so I'll refer you to his blog.  Of the studies he sites, a very recent one (April 2013) involving Korean postmenopausal women showed a reduced risk of osteoporosis correlating to an increased intake of dairy and fruit.  Another fairly recent study showed an increased risk of osteoporosis was associated with lower dairy intake in Polish Women. 
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