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Intestinal Permeability is Increased in Asthma

Yes, this is the title of a study done in 2004 and published in Archives of Disease in Childhood.  They took 32 children with asthma and 32 controls and then did the gold standard of intestinal permeability testing, which is the dual sugar test (lactulose and mannitol urine test).  Lactulose is a large molecule that should not pass through the intestinal barrier, so when it does, it means the gut is leaky.  So, this study basically suggests that children with asthma tend to have a "leaky gut".  That means incompletely digested food particles and things like endotoxin are getting into the bloodstream and are then stressing, among other things, the immune system.  What causes leaky gut, you ask?   Medications (antibiotics, NSAIDS, steroids), infections (various bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc.), and dietary allergens can impair the intestinal wall.  Not being breast fed as an infant may be a predisposition to leaky gut as this study reflects.  What kinds of things support a healthy intestinal lining?  Supplements such as zinc carnosine and berberine, among others, have been studied for their positive effects on the gastrointestinal lining.
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