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A Discussion About Causation of Health Issues

I've been doing natural health consulting for a long time, and my ideas about cause as it relates to health issues has of course evolved over that time.  From the beginning, I was taught that some of the most common causal factors behind health issues include diet, stress, lifestyle, and genetics.  The empowering aspect of that is the fact that most of those factors can be optimized by us should we choose to do so, especially diet and lifestyle.  The increasingly pervasive causal factor that I think is often overlooked and can often be a primary causal factor is environmental toxins.  Our medical model, as it stands, does not typically or generally involve checking for environmental toxins, so I've found it gratifying to do a lot of educating on this topic.  Who among us is not exposed to pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, BPA, etc.?  If, according to the Environmental Working Group, babies being born now have an average of 300 or more chemicals in them right out of the womb, and we have solid data correlating these toxins to illness, shouldn't our focus be on avoiding these toxins and helping the body excrete them?  For more information on toxins and correlations to illness, you can go to; click on the "toxicant and disease database".
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